Rowhouse Gin


This is a full flavored but very smooth drinking Gin whose flavors and aromas start with bright juniper, then shift to the peppery ginger note of cardamon, ending with citrus and cinnamon from chamomile and cassia bark. Other spices and herbs play a supporting role. Rowhouse Spirits Gin receives its flavors through three distinct processes in order to provide a bright, complex and layered taste. Our Gin is bottled at 96 proof in order to give it a slight sweetness to compliment the botanical flavors.


How do you enjoy Rowhouse Spirits Gin? This is one Gin that can truly be enjoyed neat, however, I really enjoy using it in a "Pink Gin" cocktail or a martini. Everyone knows how to make a martini their own way; so I'll just tell you how I make my Pink Gin's - fill a rocks glass with ice, pour on the amount of Rowhouse Spirits Gin that you feel is appropriate for your situation, pile on your favorite bitters, and stir with your finger. Here's a link to a real recipe if you don't like to freestyle your cocktails -

Drowned Devil Rum (the old demon)

Don’t drink our Drowned Devil Rum or it might lead you down the wrong path. This rum is made from molasses and panela; fermented with a funky strain of yeast from the Basque region of Spain; then pot distilled twice. The result is a clearly deceptive and full flavored rum that weighs in at 96 proof.

Nordic Akvavit


Aquavit is a spirit traditionally enjoyed in Scandinavia. Nordic Akvavit is flavored with caraway, dill, and fennel. Aquavit is traditionally taken straight, however, it does make a tasty Bloody Mary and can be used in many of the same cocktails that normally call for gin.


Nordic Akvavit is 40% abv (80 Proof)

Bear Trap

Bear Trap is an herbal liqueur flavored with 19 distinct herbs and spices. Bear Trap receives its flavor through three separate infusions and is bottled at 64 proof. The flavor and aroma of this liqueur is fairly anise forward with a pleasant herbaceous finish and earthy undertones. Bear Trap, ironically, is best enjoyed straight. 

32% abv | 64 Proof

When possible, we source herbs for Bear Trap right in our neighborhood, from Greensgrow Farms.

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