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We used to make lots of stuff. Now we're focusing our efforts on what we do best.


You'll find current products on here, and initially, stuff we still have for sale from our old facility.

If you're interested in the story of some of the booze we used to make, feel free to ask. We like to talk about our booze. You just won't find that info on here unless we start making it again.


Rowhouse Gin

The original - pot distilled Rowhouse Gin; now with shiny new optimistic labels featuring artwork by our buddy - Sam Heimer. The package is new but the juice is the same. Rowhouse Gin has a full, lush juniper nose and a mild floral/spice taste. It's slightly over-proof but smooth as the petal of a funeral lily.

48% ALC by VOL | 96 Proof


Wendigo Gin

This Gin was distilled at our old facility and bottled at our new distillery - it bridges the two locations. Wendigo Gin is distilled from Rye then flavored with Juniper, Sumac, Spruce tips, and other locally sourced botanicals. Wendigo will remind you of a walk, all alone, in the deep dark woods. Label artwork by Sam Heimer.

48% ALC by VOL | 96 Proof

Nordic Akvavit

Our traditional Scandinavian-style aquavit, distilled from grain and flavored with whole, organic, caraway, dill, and fennel. It tastes like seeded rye bread, nourishing you and yours beside a frozen lake, right after a session in the sauna. Be sure to open your best tins of fish and wash it all down with a shot of Akvavit. Label artwork by Devilfish Ink.

40% ALC by VOL | 80 Proof


Rowhouse Arak

This is a traditional, Middle-Eastern style Arak. Distilled from grapes then flavored with a figurative ton of anise. Our Arak has a bountiful aroma of anise with a slight vegetal undertone - reminiscent of grape leaves. The flavor is all anise. Enjoy Arak in the traditional way, by blending on third Arak with two thirds cold water​;  the Arak and water will turn cloudy/white, with a milk-like appearance. Drink with friends while enjoying some nice mezza. Label artwork by Devilfish Ink.

50% ALC by VOL | 100 Proof

Returning Soon!

Drowned Devil Rum

A favorite amongst Rowhouse fans, Drowned Devil Rum is pot distilled from black strap and golden molasses after being fermented with some funky yeast. The result is full flavored yet smooth white rum that will help sort out any lingering devils - be they tiki or otherwise. Just be sure you know who is really the devil and who's being drowned. We advise against drinking this rum in the first place, unless your a good swimmer. Label artwork by Jeffro Kilpatrick.

48% ALC by VOL | 96 Proof

Returning Soon!


Pronounced "puht-cheen", if you must ask. Poitín is a traditional Irish moonshine made from 100% malted barley. fermented with ale yeast then pot distilled in our small pot. In case you're wondering - no, there are no potatoes in our Poitín - potatoes weren't introduced to Ireland until 1589. Poitín was made well before that. Our Poitín won't kill you or make you blind, like granny may have told you, (unless, of course, you want it to). But, be sure to ask that a wake be held over you, just in case. Label artwork by Sam Heimer.

48% ALC by VOL | 96 Proof

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